Resources to help you and those you influence grow as disciples of Jesus

Here you will find resources to help you grow in your own discipleship, and resources to help you equip the people of God to become growing disciples of Jesus—disciples who bear lasting fruit and who make other disciples in their neighborhoods, workplaces, families, churches, and communities.

Featured Discipleship Resources


Want Guidance? Get Wisdom

Have you ever felt like a rat in a maze, wondering how to find the right path—God’s will? Do you ever worry that you’ll miss meeting the right person to marry, or making the right career move? How do we discern God’s will for our lives? How do we hear his voice? What is God calling us to do? How do we make decisions without that clear, compelling certainty?

More Discipleship Resources


The Message of the Weight of Glory

These days we have been taught that being good means we have to be unselfish. But if you could ask almost any of the great Christians of history, they would have said that being good, for a Christian, means to love.

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