We live in a broken world desperately in need of healing and hope.

I have seen people and communities find real hope and help in Jesus. Two thousand years ago, Jesus turned the world upside down through a group of disciples. These ordinary people were transformed by the Holy Spirit through radical discipleship to Jesus. This revolution continues today. I have watched groups of ordinary people, now transformed into growing disciples of Jesus, bring healing and real change to their neighborhoods, schools, and communities. How can we be transformed like that? This precious knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation by the Holy Spirit.

My life calling includes learning and teaching others about transformation through discipleship, for the sake of the world.

I started discipling individuals and developing leaders in 1989 as a student leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I have been learning about this life-transforming process ever since. My mind was blown when I discovered that according to scripture, Jesus implemented a model of ministry which is multiplicative, not just additive. He invested in a small group of people who would turn around and invest in others. Soon tens turned into hundreds, which then turned into thousands—thousands of people willing to lay down their lives for the common good, for peace, righteousness, and justice. And it worked. They were transformed to become like Jesus and they made remarkable impacts on their communities.

My wife and I devoted our life to learning how to make disciples and develop leaders, and have done so wherever we have been. We have both ministered as leaders with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since the early 1990s.

I have studied Jesus, the scriptures, and historic movements where the kingdom of God has powerfully broken into our world. I have learned in community with other disciples, from mentors and disciplers, and from many people I’ve discipled who have taught me so much in return.

I help people become world changers where they live and work by becoming fruitful disciples of Jesus.

My wife, Jennifer Huerta Ball, was an amazing disciple of Jesus, and has probably had the most impact on me of anyone, along with my parents. We were married for almost 24 years, and raised three children. I marvel daily at my children, who are becoming wonderful young adults, and I enjoy their company immensely.

My wife fought a courageous two-year battle with cancer, which eventually took her in 2018. Through those brutal years I watched the fruits of discipleship in her life: Jesus taught her how to live life well even under the ravages of a deadly disease, and she continued to make a profound impact on those around her until the very end.

In the painful years since, Jesus has continued to faithfully disciple me in how to thrive as a single father, a teacher, and a ministry leader. I can honestly say—and dozens of close friends regularly testify to this—that despite the agony, these have also been years of flourishing and growth. I’m overwhelmed by the fruit Jesus has produced in my life, which glorifies the Father because it is so clearly beyond my own capacities. I long for you to have this same kind of relationship with the only person who can teach you how to live well in the most extreme situations you can possibly face, and not only thrive but also bless everyone around you.

I currently serve as Ministry Coordinator for Theological Formation for the Greater Los Angeles region of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

I love theology, particularly where good biblical work intersects practically with how to live well. I completed a Masters in Theology, and deepened my biblical study skills as well as my understanding of church history, theology, and discipleship. During that time I met many eager seminarians who desperately hungered for much more practical equipping for scripture study and leadership. This parallels the thirst I’ve met in many local churches for robust discipleship, ways of following Jesus that actually work in their family life, neighborhood, and workplace.

The resources on this website are dedicated to this goal: to equip the people of God to become growing disciples of Jesus who bear lasting fruit and who grow other disciples. My desire is that these disciples will bless everyone around them and, through the Spirit’s power, will usher in the kingdom of God in their neighborhoods, workplaces, families, churches, and communities.

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